Three-dimensional drone scanning

Three-dimensional drone scanning is based on photogrammetry. This is a scientific method using the parallax between photographs taken from different positions. The method is able to obtain accurate three-dimensional data regardless of the shape, volume or depth of the scanned object. In combination with modern digital technologies, precise GPS receivers, the possibility of automated and consistent drone flights, the method gives accurate results and has established itself as a standard in the production of maps and three-dimensional models of different types and scales. As result of photogrammetry, precision mapping, 3D scanning and orthographic imaging have never been faster, easier, more accurate and more affordable. The results of such a survey can be used to accurately measure lengths, areas and volumes. Measurement accuracy can be extremely high (± 1 cm) depending on the purpose and scale of the scan. The method is widely used in mapping, archeology, agriculture, construction, supervision, computer games and much more.

Dense point cloud

It is a collection of high-density dots that create a three-dimensional image of the scanned object. This is the most unadulterated result of the three-dimensional reconstruction process and serves as a basis for the preparation of:

Digital Elevation Model - DEM


Three-dimensional Model

Digital elevation model

Digital elevation model for short DEM is a file containing topographic information about the earth's surface. The information is recorded in an exact coordinate system which allows determining the geographical coordinates and altitude at each point of the topographic map.


An orthomosaic is a photogrammetrically orthorectified image product mosaicked from an image collection, where the geometric distortion has been corrected and the imagery has been color balanced to produce a seamless mosaic dataset.

Three-dimensional model

Accurate three-dimensional representation of the scanned object, it can be textured for maximum details. The model can be used for measurements of length, area and volume.

Interactive 3D model

Scanned object: Stadium Gorubso Kardjali city.

Reprojection accuracy of scan: ± 3.003cm

Measured accuracy of scan: ± 1cm

Ground resolution: 2.1 cm/pix