The making of Bombsquad - Defuse the Bomb
The making of Bombsquad - Defuse the Bomb Мenu
Bombsquad - Defuse the Bomb site background animation
The bombsquad iOS game

In 2012, we started working on the iOS game called Bombsquad - Defuse the Bomb. The main idea of the game was to have realistic graphics and to attract consumers with details and different idea and setting. We had to learn through almost every phase of the game's development. The work that we did was stretching from menu design, 3D graphics, grading, final image renderer, optimization of screen space for the different screen positions. Accounting the low computational power that we had at that moment, the project proved extremely labor-intensive and significantly deeper than we originally thought. About a year later, the first version of the game was ready (01.04.2013). The creation of the promotional materials was about to begin. The first ad was released on November 26, 2013. After the following popular consumer interest, we decided to expand the game from the standard 12 levels to 36. This process took a long time, and in 2014 we just finished the 36 levels and the new apple devices came out on the market, it turned out that the resolutions of which the game was made will not work for the new devices. Then we started solving the optimization task of choosing a resolution and scaling algorithm with which we can make the game more secure from such problems in the future. After long research and development, the decision was made and we rolled the whole half-year game at a resolution that allows the game to be played on devices even from 2018 without any scaling problems. During the development of the game, we went through different stages of the design. The icon, the menus and the interface have been changed many times. The project is one of the most voluminous projects we have realized, it is also the one that has developed us the most in our ability to cope with non-traditional challenges. For the successful performance of the game, we have developed many different materials for both the site and various advertising campaigns.

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