Mtel becomes A1
Media Event Client : Mtel/A1

April 2018 we were contacted by Mtel for their event in which they announced the change of their brand - "Mtel becomes A1". Our task was to make a 360-degree wide projection. The event took place in the hall of our partners - Sofia Event Center, which for the purpose of the event brought the first new generation hologram foil in the country. The project was extremely voluminous and technical to implement, the timeframe was challenging. The number of moving pixels (30 times per second) in the hall exceeded 22 million. We prepared animated backgrounds for the atmosphere, as well as detailed 3D animations of future devices, catalogs, and services that the company will offer during the year. The company's cars were also visualized with their new branding. There were visualizations of the different materials, the new A1 stores, and the basic visualizations of new applications that the company will offer.

Photos from the event.