Audi S7
Audi S7 3D camera track Research and Develop Project

This project started as a project in which the main goal was to recreate with great precision a matte paint of a car placed in a real environment. Unlike the previous task of digitizing the car here, the only goal was photo-realism in a challenging scene. The first step was to make the materials in test lighting with good accuracy and credibility. The project was challenging, because simulation of such materials in PBR requires blurry reflections, that needs great computing power. This extremely heavy process raises the rendering time significantly. So far, we have already developed our infrastructure well and the renders did't taken much time. For four days, we were able to get all the necessary footage from Cinema 4D and go to After Effects. From the capture to the end product, the project took just under 2 weeks. The biggest challenge was composing the car in the scene. First, the place was deliberately chosen because of the challenging pavement under the car. The material was shot on GH5 with a CineD profile at 4K 60 frames per second and 8 bit colors. In order to match the lighting of the environment, 14 photos were taken on the scene, which were assembled in a 360-degree panorama. The frames were then three-dimensionally tracked and a solved camera was created to match the motion of the real camera itself. Since the quality of the camera was satisfactory enough, we started working on the surfaces that are close to the car and would receive a shadow from it. For that purpose, it was enough to simulate the shape of the garage, the floor and one of the columns between the garages. On these surfaces, shadows and reflections were replicated in different renders. That is where our work in Cinema 4D was over. The biggest challenge was making the reflective asphalt covered by snow/water. This was done with the help of several layers and masks. The next step was to add the shadows and adjust the colors so that the car did not seem to be artificially added.