3D digital car animation
research and develop Project

In 2017, we started experimenting with various techniques to create HUD animations. So far, the possibilities in After Effects was limited by the fact that a complex pattern of models could not be blended together. Then we came across a plugin called Stardust that was a node-based particle system for After Effects. After we wrote our homework, exploring the demo version, we decided to buy the full version so we can offer solutions that are more sophisticated. That allows us to add extracts and effectors. In the process, we used a free model with good detail. We made the scene in Cinema 4D and started making the car's materials. The project served as an accumulation of experience in the integration between Cinema 4D with After Effects + Stardust as well as to optimize the new system we were building at that time. We created a cluster of computers to work on a single task for Cinema 4D. The project took several months and was extremely indicative of the deadlines that we can keep even with a small number of machines. At present, our infrastructure has grown more than double and we can execute similar projects in a much shorter timeframe.